KJ’S Homestay Services

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Why Choose a Homestay

Homestay is one of the most common types of lodging. Guests stay in a house, apartment, or condominium of a resident of a city wherein they are traveling. The duration of their stay varies depending on their purpose of travel. For instance, exchange students may require a longer stay than the summer intern or travel nurse.

A hospitality service, such as KJ’S Homestay Services, arranges homestays for interested individuals. We work out the homestay terms for medical interns, international exchange students, and corporate transfers.  These terms include the length of their stay, transportation from the airport, and meal plans.

How the Homestay Process Works

  1. The first step in getting started is to fill out the form under the CONTACT US TAB.
  2. Once the initial contact form is received - you will receive a follow-up email/telephone call within 48 hours.
  3. Next, you will be given a listing of available hosts, and locations. Once the Homestay site is selected - you              will be sent  an invoice via Cash App, Pay Pal, or Zelle for the placement fee/background check fee.
4. Once the placement fee is received, we will confirm the length of stay, the amenities desired, and the arrival         date.  The monthly fee will be due upon your in-person visit  and approval of your homestay
5. Photos of the residence and a profile of the host(s) will be provided.
6. A Homestay Agreement will be provided outlining the specifics of stay; both the guest and host will sign off.